Fruit Ninja Arcade Mode

The Points Banana, one of three Bonus Bananas in action on Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode is one of the three regular modes in Fruit Ninja. In this mode, the player must slice as many fruits as they can in sixty seconds, while avoiding the purple bomb. Blitz and Bonus Bananas can appear in this mode. A single Pomegranate can appear as well as the Dragon Fruit. Fruit Ninja Frenzy allows Smoothies. Although the player cannot use Smoothies in the regular Fruit Ninja, he can buy power-ups from Gutsu's Cart in IOS and Android versions to help improve your scores. This mode cannot be played in early versions of Fruit Ninja Free, but it can be played starting with version 1.8.8 of the free version.


There are three types of Special Bananas, which each last five to eight seconds individually. But this time increases when slicing another Banana, which can chain the effects.

  1. Frenzy - As the name suggests, a lot of fruits come from either the left or right side, giving you a chance to make large combos.
  2. Freeze - It freezes the time and slows down the gameplay, allowing you to easily chain combos. (Unless Ice Blade is used)
  3. Double points - This banana doubles the number of points you obtain for a short period of time.


At the end of every game, you get three different point bonuses added (the three highest point bonuses you've earned), each between 5 and 100 points. If you met less than 3 conditions which allow for a bonus, a Tasty Fruit, Fruit Mix, Fruit Salad, Juicy Slicing, or Delicious Fruit will substitute it, at the minimum possible at 5 points. As of now, it is unknown how many there truly are.

List of known bonuses How to get bonus Points worth Difficulty

Tasty Fruit

Trivial 5
Fruit Mix Trivial 5
Fruit Salad Trivial 5
Juicy Slicing Trivial 5
Delicious Fruit Trivial 5
4 Fruit Combo Get a 4 fruit combo 5 Very Easy
All Three Bananas Get all 3 bananas 10 Easy
5 Fruit Combo Get a 5 fruit combo 10 Easy
Multiple of Five Get a multiple of 5 to your score 10 Medium
No Bombs Hit Don't hit any bombs 10 Easy
Combo Rookie Get a few combos 10 Easy
Combo Apprentice Get some combos 15 Medium
Multiple of Ten Get a multiple of 10 to your score 20 Somewhat Hard
Great 6 Fruit Combo Get a 6 fruit combo 20 Somewhat Easy
First & Last Fruit Slice only 1 fruit or slice the same fruit as the very first fruit in the beginning and the very last fruit in the end 25 Medium
Combo Assassin Get a good amount of combos 25 Somewhat Hard
Mega 7 Fruit Combo Get a 7 fruit combo 30 Medium
Nothing But Freeze Only get freeze bananas 30 Variable
Nothing But Double Only get 2x bananas 30 Variable
Nothing But Frenzy Only get frenzy bananas 30 Variable
Combo Master Get a lot of combos 35 Hard
Right on a Hundred Get a multiple of 100 for your score 40 Very Hard
Glorious 8 Fruit Combo Get an 8 fruit combo 40 Hard
No Fruits Dropped Don't miss any fruits 50 Hard
No Bananas Sliced Don't hit any bonus bananas 50 Variable
Impossible 9 Fruit Combo Get a 9 fruit combo 50 Hard
Combo God Get a really large amount of combos 50 Very Hard
Bomb Lover Slice at least three bombs 50 Variable
Triple Digits Get a multiple of 111 for your score 50 Hard
10+ Fruit Combo?!?! Get a 10 fruit combo or more 55 Very Hard
It's So Beuatiful Complete a game with the Rainbow Blade 75 Very Hard
Nothing But Berry Slice every single strawberry and nothing else 100 Somewhat Easy



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