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Arcade Mode is one of the three main modes in Fruit Ninja. In this mode, the player must slice as many fruits as they can in 1 minute, while avoiding the purple bombs. Blitz and Bonus Bananas appear in this mode. A Pomegranate will appear at the end of each match before the bonus screen. Dragon Fruit can appear in this mode as well.

Fruit Ninja Frenzy also allows Smoothies. The player can buy power-ups from the shop to help improve their scores. This mode could not be played in early versions of iOS versions of Fruit Ninja Free (Now simply known as Fruit Ninja®), but it could be played in version 1.8.8 and onward.

In Fruit Ninja 2, the player can use power ups they've earned to assist in increasing their scores. These power ups are not the same as Fruit Ninja's, as rather than being a one round use they can be used infinitely with only a minor cooldown.

While most rounds cost nothing to play, game modes like Arcade Rumble require golden apple tickets per each round.


Arcade mode with a frenzy banana

There are three types of Special Bananas, which each last about eight seconds. But this time increases when slicing another Banana, which can chain the effects.

  1. Frenzy - This banana spawns continuous streams of fruit from both sides of the screen allowing for easy points without the threat of bombs.
  2. Freeze - This banana pauses the timer and slows down the gameplay, allowing you to easily chain combos. (Unless Ice Blade is used)
  3. Double points - This banana doubles the number of points you obtain for a short period of time.

Triple Points - When the Princess Blade is equipped, the Double Points (2x) Become Triple Points (3x) and triples the number of points when you slice the fruit or combos.


At the end of every game, you get three different point bonuses added to your score (the three highest point bonuses you've earned), each between 5 and 100 points. If you met less than 3 conditions which allow for a bonus, a Tasty Fruit, Fruit Mix, Fruit Salad, Juicy Slicing, or Delicious Fruit will substitute it, at the minimum possible at 5 points. Currently, it is unknown how many there truly are.

List of known bonuses How to get bonus Points worth Difficulty
Tasty Fruit Trivial 5
Fruit Mix Trivial 5
Fruit Salad Trivial 5
Juicy Slicing Trivial 5
Delicious Fruit Trivial 5
4 Fruit Combo Have four as your largest combo 5 Very Easy
All Three Bananas Slice all three bonus bananas 10 Easy
5 Fruit Combo Have five as your largest combo 10 Easy
Multiple of Five Get a multiple of five to your score 10 Easy
No Bombs Hit Don't hit any bombs 10 Easy
Combo Rookie Get several combos 10 Easy
Combo Apprentice Get some combos 15 Medium
Multiple of Ten Get a multiple of 10 to your score 20 Medium
Great 6 Fruit Combo Have six as your largest combo 20 Somewhat Easy
First & Last Fruit Slice only one fruit or slice the same fruit at the start and end of the run (pomegranates are not counted) 25 Variable
Combo Assassin Get a good amount of combos 25 Somewhat Hard
Mega 7 Fruit Combo Have seven as your largest combo 30 Medium
Nothing But Freeze Only slice freeze bananas 30 Variable
Nothing But Double Only slice double bananas 30 Variable
Nothing But Frenzy Only slice frenzy bananas 30 Variable
Combo Master Get a large number of combos 35 Hard
Right on a Hundred Get a multiple of 100 for your score 40 Very Hard
Glorious 8 Fruit Combo Have eight as your largest combo 40 Hard
No Fruits Dropped Complete a game slicing every fruit 50 Hard
No Bananas Sliced Finish a game without slicing any bonus bananas 50 Variable
Impossible 9 Fruit Combo Have nine as your largest combo 50 Hard
Combo God Get a huge amount of combos 50 Very Hard
Bomb Lover Slice at least three bombs 50 Variable
Triple Digits Get a score divisible by 111 before bonuses 50 Very Hard
[combo count] Fruit Combo?!?! Have ten or more as your largest combo 55 Very Hard
It's So Beautiful Complete a game with the Rainbow Blade 75 Variable
Nothing But Berry Only slice strawberries 100 Variable


At the end of each round in Fruit Ninja 2, each score after the first is evaluated. If the score is higher than before, that will override the previous score on the leaderboard. If it is less than or equal to the score, nothing will happen. Each level of the leaderboard receives a reward at the end of the events duration. Even those who have not played in the event will earn a reward, though it will be lesser than those in the higher tiers.



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