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The armory is a feature in Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja 2. It is where the player can upgrade their gear and view locked and unlocked content. The armory differs between games, but some features remain the same. The player can see the requirements for any item that they haven't obtained yet.

Fruit Ninja

The armory contains blades and dojos. The player can upgrade what they own and view any that they choose to. There are 4 ways to sort through blades and dojos: Items can be sorted by name or rarity and from lowest to highest and vice-versa. Each item will have a general and power description.

The soundtrack that plays here is called Sensei's Dojo.

Fruit Ninja 2

The armory contains ninjas, blades, taunts, and powerups. Locked and unlocked content can be viewed between sections.

The soundtrack that plays here is called Armory.


Here, the player can view the characters that they have unlocked. They can switch between characters and any skins they have unlocked. Each character will have a short bio and play an animation when tapped on. If a character has not been unlocked yet, the requirements can be seen on their page.


In this section, the player can view all locked and unlocked blades. Locked blades will list the requirements to find them as well as their base stats. Each will have a short description along with their future abilities. If a blade has enough shards, it can be upgraded to increase its stats and power. The models can be rotated around to be viewed from different angles.


Taunts are listed and equipped in this section. A taunt can be used to emote before or after a multiplayer battle. Most taunts are obtained from boxes, though some can be unlocked in the season pass.


Here, the player can view all locked and unlocked powerups. Just like blades, a powerup can be leveled up with duplicates to increase its stats. Most can be obtained through boxes, although others are obtainable from the season pass.