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The Benjamin Blade is an unlockable blade in Fruit Ninja. This blade consists of a trail of money that leaves dollar bills behind. Its rarity level in Fruit Ninja is Mythic. In Classic, it is an Initiate blade.


The Benjamin Blade in action.

"Make it rain."
  — Fruit Ninja 


Fruit Ninja:

Previously, this blade would grant bonus starfruit in each game. This was helpful for earning starfruit faster.

Now, this blade's power is being re-worked.

Fruit Ninja Classic:

This blade rewards double Power-ups for completing missions.

How to unlock

Fruit Ninja:

Previously this blade was obtained as a potential reward from day 5 of challenges.

Now, this blade can be obtained boxes.

Fruit Ninja Classic:

Reach level 8 to reveal power.


  • Added as part of Update 1.9.0 on December 18, 2013.
  • As of Update v2.0.0, the blade seemed to be missing but came back as an additional blade in later versions. As of update 2.3.4, the blade came back along with a new power.
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