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Blades are the weapons used to slice fruit. Each unique blade leaves its own special trail behind as you cut, along with sparks that fly out when holding on to one spot. Blades may be unlocked through certain achievements, luck (in the case of Fruit Ninja Frenzy wheels), or as a reward from boxes.

Elite Blades just simply meant that one had to purchase these blades with Starfruit Currency.png. While there were only four Elite Blade in Fruit Ninja Classic (Lightning Bolt, Sakura Slicer, Rock Blade, and Princess Blade), Fruit Ninja has had seven additional blades of elite status: Flame Blade, Ice Blade, The Shadow, Party Time, Bamboo Shoot, Rainbow Blade, and Cloud Kicker. As of Update 1.9.0, this name is no longer used.

As of version 2.0.0, some blades gained different powers, and their powers would be revealed after leveling up However, some blades didn't have any powers. They were "Additional blades" that could be unlocked after reaching level 30 (Expert).

Other blades can be found in the Events section which cannot be unlocked by starfruits. They could instead be bought with tokens. ("Events" section added to Fruit Ninja as a part of 2.1.0 update the first Event blade was unlocked by default in versions 2.1.0 and was free in version 2.1.1 ).

After the 5th anniversary of Fruit Ninja, after version 2.3.4, new extra exclusive powers for extra backgrounds and blades were added, Also the new exclusive blade called Southern Lights (were added in v2.3.3 and new exclusive power for this blade were added in v2.3.4), and allowing for the player to reach level 100. All currencies in Fruit Ninja Classic, containing Gold Apples and Starfruits have been removed from the game and one can only obtain blades by leveling up.

The 10th Anniversary Update removed many blades' powers while they are being re-worked. Blade powers are to be re-added sometime in the near future.

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