The Dojo is a little area in Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja Frenzy. In the original, it has three areas: About, Sensei's Swag and Gutsu's Cart. In Fruit Ninja Frenzy, it has Juice, Starfruit, Smoothies, Blades, Walls and Deals.
Fruit Ninja Dojo

Sensei's Swag, one of the two areas in the original Dojo.


  • All Ninjas hate fruit!
  • Swipe the fruit with your finger
  • To end their journey
  • Be wary of bombs
  • Hope for random criticals

Sensei's Swag

Sensei's Swag is where you can change the blades and backgrounds. For more info, navigate to Sensei's Swag.


This is where you can buy Juice Currency with Facebook credits. Fruit Ninja Frenzy only.
Fruit Ninja Frenzy Dojo

The Smoothie page from the Fruit Ninja Frenzy Dojo.


Starfruit Currency Is a currency in all Fruit Ninja platforms except Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots.It can buy powerups and backrounds and blades.


This is where you can buy, level up Smoothies and unlock Smoothie slots using Juice and Starfruit. Fruit Ninja Frenzy only.


This is where you can find Fruit Ninja Frenzy deals:

1000 juice and 3 wheel spins for 3 credits

2500 juice and 5 wheel spins for 7 credits

Unlock all Smoothies to max level for 20 credits


Classic Zen Mode Arcade Mode Online Versus Dojo Sensei's Swag Gutsu's Cart

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