Sensei's Swag was a place where players could change the blades and backgrounds in Fruit Ninja v1. It was removed in Fruit Ninja v2, with the ability to change/purchase blades and dojos directly before the start of each game. For more information, navigate to each swags' respective page:


Original Blade Original Blade
Shiny Red Blade Shiny Red Blade
Disco Blade Disco Blade
Mr. Sparkle Mr. Sparkle Blade
Old Glory Old Glory Blade
Butterfly Knife Butterfly Knife Blade
Flame Blade Flame Blade
Ice Blade Ice Blade
The Shadow The Shadow Blade
Pixel Love Pixel Love Blade
Piano Blade Piano Blade
Party Time Party Time Blade
The Firecracker The Firecracker Blade
Bamboo Shoot Bamboo Shoot Blade
Rainbow Blade Rainbow Blade
Water Blade Water Blade
King Dragon Blade King Dragon Blade
Calligraphy Brush Calligraphy Brush
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt
Sakura Slicer Sakura Slicer
Cloud Kicker Cloud Kicker
Rock Blade Rock Blade
Princess Blade Princess Blade
Ghostbusters™ Blade Ghostbusters™ Blade
Chainsaw Blade Chainsaw Blade
Golden Ember Blade Golden Ember Blade
Ghostbusters™ 2016 Proton Blade Ghostbusters™ 2016 Proton Blade


Original Wood Background Original Wood Backround
Fruit Ninja Background Fruit Ninja Backround
I Heart Sensei I Heart Sensei Backround
Great Wave Great Wave Backround
Yin Yang Yin Yang Backround
Chinese Zodiac Chinese Zodiac Backround
Gutsu and Truffles Gutsu & Truffles Background
King Dragon Background King Dragon Background
Parchment Parchment
Storm Castle Storm Castle
Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom
Cloudy Skies Cloudy Skies


Classic Zen Mode Arcade Mode Online Versus Dojo Sensei's Swag Gutsu's Cart

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