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Challenge is a mode in Fruit Ninja where the player could battle one of several NPCs each day of the week. If they were victorious they would earn a reward after each win. On the fifth victory, they would either be rewarded with a new blade, dojo, or a large amount of starfruit.


The player could challenge Seb, Ralph, Niya, or Peng in a tournament style fight. Each win would result in the option to slice a red, green, or blue box each containing a reward of some kind. However, this could only be done once per day. On the fifth day in a row, the player was presented with the same option however this time the rewards are different. They can either earn a new blade, a new dojo, or a large amount of starfruit. It is unclear if the color of the crate corresponded with the reward.


  • This mode can be assumed to be the leftovers of the 5th Anniversary Tournament.