Fruit Ninja Classic Mode

An example of Classic Mode

Classic Mode is one of the three modes in Fruit Ninja. In Classic Mode, the player must slice all Fruit that appears on the screen, while avoiding the Red Bombs. This mode has three lives. Dragon Fruit and Pomegranates appear in this, but Bonus Bananas do not. Previously, this was the only playable mode in the free version.



The player starts with three lives. If all three lives are lost, the game is over. Several ways to decrease or increase the amount of life you have left are:

  • Drop a fruit - Lose a single life
  • Hit a bomb - Instantly lose all lives (unless Bomb Deflects are used)
  • In the event that a player does not have max lives, for every 100 points, a life is received (up to three lives max)

Sensei's Swag

The following blades and backgrounds can only be obtained in Classic Mode:

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