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The Comet Blade is an unlockable blade in Fruit Ninja. As its name implies, this blade is a big white comet that leaves small blue stars behind. Its rarity in Fruit Ninja is Mythic. In Classic, it is an Initiate blade.


"For cosmic collisions"
  — Fruit Ninja 


Fruit Ninja:

This blade's power is being re-work.

Fruit Ninja Classic:

The comet blade will occasionally create clouds of blue mist that pull fruit into them much the same way the Autumn Gust does Although Much Shorter In Duration.

How to unlock

Fruit Ninja:

Previously, this blade was unobtainable in the 2.0 era.

Now, this blade can be obtained from boxes.

Fruit Ninja Classic:

Reach level 10 to reveal power.


  • Added as part of Update 1.9.0 on December 18, 2013.
  • This Blade Was Originally Added To Fruit Ninja Kinect as a Part of the space capsule dlc with a different looking Blade And With A "the" In This Blade's Name, the other Blade that was a part of a dlc was the Lightning bolt Blade, Calligraphy Brush, rainbow blade, & candy Cane blade.


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