In Fruit Ninja, a critical will give extra points in all modes except Zen. When a critical happens, the screen will flash white, there will be a long blue slice on the fruit (which flies away quickly), and text will show it happened. The chances of performing a critical is random. Criticals are normally worth 10 points, unless the Shiny Red is equipped. Laser Criticals appear in Cherry Bomb Mini Games and with the Laser Blade.

Types of Criticals


The normal criticals worth ten points.

Critical +25

These criticals appear when the Shiny Red Blade is used, and are worth twenty-five points each. When sliced, the quote appears with the red "+25" over the "+10".

Laser Critical

These criticals appear in the Cherry Bomb Mini Game and when the Laser Blade is used. When the fruits are near the bombs, they will generate a shrouding electric arc on their outside. Quickly slice and ensure not to slice the bomb by mistake.


The sound produced by a critical slice is also heard when a player slices a fruit-bomb, which can be seen when the Smoothie Spirit Bomb is activated and being upgraded to level 3 in Fruit Ninja Frenzy. He/she also scores 10 points as bombs are worth 10 points under this condition.

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