Fruit Ninja Wiki

In Fruit Ninja, a critical can be scored for extra points in all modes except Zen. When a critical happens there will be a long blue slice on the fruit (which flies away quickly), and text will show the points earned. The chances of performing a critical are random. Criticals are normally worth 10 points, unless the Shiny Red blade is equipped. Laser Criticals are scored by slicing fruit near bombs with a Laser Blade.

Types of Criticals


The standard critical worth ten points.

Critical +25

These criticals appear when the Shiny Red Blade is used, and are worth twenty-five points each. When sliced, the quote appears with the red "+25" over the "+10".

Laser Critical

These criticals appear in the Cherry Bomb Mini Game and when the Laser Blade is used. When the fruits are near the bombs, they will generate a shrouding electric arc on their outside. Quickly slice and make sure not to slice the bomb by mistake.


  • The sound produced by a critical slice is also heard when a player slices a fruit-bomb, which can be seen when the Smoothie Spirit Bomb is activated and upgraded to level 3 in Fruit Ninja Frenzy. The player also scores 10 points as bombs are worth 10 points under this condition.