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Durian Grey (aka 'Rinjin') is a villain from Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force. He serves as the main antagonist along with Mark Samurai. His main weapons are his bombs and a pair of shadow blades. Durian's skills lie in creating chumplings, illusions, and combat.


Durian dresses much the same as Rinjin does. However, there are some minor differences in his appearance. Instead of a desaturated purple, his scarf is red. Unlike Rinjin, Durian does not cover his mouth with his scarf. He has a ring on the cloth around his torso. Durian also has two disc-like accessories on his left side: A circle with an 'X', and one which looks like a medal.


Durian Grey is more rough than Rinjin. He acts in a more arrogant manner, seeing himself as better than everyone around him. He is less on the dark and edgy side, acting more like a typical cartoon villain. While he is not incompetent, his schemes never last longer than an episode.

Appears In

Out of all Frenzy Force villains Durian has the most appearances; with a total of 7. The episodes he appears in are:

  • Fruitful Multiplication (Ep. 1)
  • Grease is the Word (Ep. 4)
  • Lemonaiding The Enemy (Ep. 9)
  • Smart Yogurt (Ep. 10)
  • Tunnel of Whuh (Ep. 11)
  • Deep Fried Pride (Ep. 12)
  • Applecart Upset (Ep. 13)