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Selection screen

Events can be played once they are unlocked at level 3. They consist of different games which cycle in and out regularly. Some events are free to play anytime while they are active. Others will require golden apple tickets in order to play a round; notably Arcade Rumble and Minigame Shuffle. Some events contain leaderboards with rewards that increase closer to first place. Once these events end, the player can claim their rewards. Even if you did not participate in one, you will still receive a reward of some kind regardless.


This is the list of games that can be played:

  • Arcade - Regular arcade with the addition of powerups.
  • Arcade Rumble - Like the former, but with a leaderboard.
  • Minigame Shuffle - Three rounds of minigames. You have three chances to make it through before you must start over.
  • Classic - Regular classic mode. Powerups can't be used here and blitz cannot be initiated here.
  • Classic Leaderboard - Like the former, but with a leaderboard.
  • Zen - Regular zen mode. No Powerups or blitz can be used in this mode.
  • Zen Leaderboard - Like the former, but with a leaderboard.
  • Zen Fight - Ranked matches against other players. Powerups cannot be used in this mode, nor can a blitz be initiated.
  • Fruitar Hero - Waves of fruit must be sliced in rhythm with the music. Obtaining streaks greatly increases your score.
  • 500 Point Race
  • Mayhem - Ranked matches against other players with the chaos cranked up to maximum level.
  • Knockout - Matches against other players. See how far you can go before you lose.


The rewards for playing events differ across games. Common rewards include boxes, coins, SP, golden apple tickets, and even blades. The better you perform in ranked games, the better the reward you earn.