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Frenzy Banana

The Frenzy Banana is a Banana that when sliced, makes fruit fly in rapidly from the left and right sides for a short period of time. This makes it easier to get more points, combos and blitzes while it is active. During this time, no bombs will appear on the screen, but if a bomb is sliced while the Frenzy Banana is active, (only possible right after banana is sliced) the frenzy will stop, and all the fruit on the screen will disappear.

The bonus point achievement "Nothin' but Frenzy" requires the player to slice only Frenzy bananas out of the three types and rewards 30 points at the end of the Arcade Mode or Fruit Ninja Frenzy match.

Fruit Ninja

Frenzy Bananas, like the others, are only found in Arcade Mode. So far, there is no exact goal for Frenzy Bananas on Fruit Ninja.

Fruit Ninja Frenzy

In Fruit Ninja Frenzy, there is a Smoothie and an achievement row dedicated to Frenzy Bananas. Getting gold medals in all of the achievements gives you the Flame Blade. The Frenzy Rush Smoothie makes all Frenzy Bananas last two seconds longer. 

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