Fruit Ninja
Level Name Unlock/Cost Power Description
Novice Basic Blade - No Power.
Cloud Kicker Arcade/Zen: Each fruit bounces back once.
Old Glory Slow motion special fruit.
Student Pixel Love Reach level 3 to reveal power. Classic/Arcade: Chance of harmless pixel bombs.
Rainbow Blade Arcade: Grants a special end bonus in arcade.
Sakura Slicer A bonus cherry every 10 fruit sliced.
Initiate Shiny Red Reach level 7 to reveal power. Classic/Arcade: Criticals are worth 25 points.
Bamboo Shoot Bigger fruit!
Calligraphy Brush Classic: One extra life.
Graduate Butterfly Knife Reach level 18 to reveal power. Fruit hang briefly at the top of their arcs.
Rock Blade Classic/Arcade: Multiply score on pomegranates.
Laser Blade Classic/Arcade: Get criticals when slicing close to a bomb.
Adept Mr. Sparkle Reach level 24 to reveal power. Arcade/Zen: +1 second per lemon sliced.
Party Time Arcade: Always start with a frenzy.
Autumn Gust Each pineapple sliced creates a tornado.
Expert King Dragon Reach level 30 to reveal power. Classic/Arcade: Replace pomegranates with dragon fruit.
Disco Blade +3 points per apple sliced.
Ice Blade Arcade: More fruit during freeze.
Special Golden Ember Blade $14.99 This blade will double your score in fiery blaze!
Ghostbusters™ Blade $4.99. Once per game: Draw an X or similar shape to annihilate fruit.
Ghostbusters™ 2016 Proton Blade $4.99 Draw an X to make the ghostbusters trap appear and capture the fruit (max 3 per game).
Chainsaw Blade $4.99. Classic/Arcade: Critical all Watermelons for super juicy carnage!


Fruit Ninja
Level Name Unlock/Cost Power Description
Novice Basic Dojo - No Power.
Fruit Ninja +1 point per combo.
Cherry Blossom Amplify the power of the Sakura Slicer.
Apprentice Great Wave Reach level 12 to reveal power. Chance of 10 fruit mega-waves.
Yin Yang 10 extra seconds.
Gutsu and Truffles Get bonus crates with goodies inside.
Special Yes Chef!™ Dojo $4.99. Start the game with a feast of bonus fruit.
Ghostbusters™ Dojo $4.99. Slice ghost traps to release ghostly fruit.
Ghostbusters™ 2016 Subway Dojo Play the Ghostbusters 2016 Tournament to unlock this dojo. This dojo is haunted! Fruit possessed by ghosts will hang and be criticals.
Top Farm™ Dojo $4.99. Harvest fruit chunks for extra points!