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Now that I have your attention, this wiki is seriously out-of-date, has been the subject of spam for quite a while now, and as a result requires a major overhaul of all it's pages and resources, as majority of the information my team and I input is from about 2012-2013. As a result, a new breed of admins is required to help re-organise this site so the info is relevant for current users. To all registered users, if you would like to help clean up the wiki, please let me know, and i'll help in any way that I can with the editing. To those unregistered, consider joining in order to make a more fuller contribution to the wiki! To chat about the rollover phase, please contact me at BRODMessage Wall | Chat | Contributions. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Sensei & Truffles


(Admins) Here is a list of the current active Sensei on this site. If you need help, message them.

Brodensson (Temporarily revived),
Izuru57 (Presumably Inactive),
Wintermelon43 (Presumably Inactive),
Peter879 (Temporarily revived),
htm14 (Inactive)


(Chat Moderators) Here is a list of the current active Truffles on this site. If you want to enter chat, make sure Truffles is there first.

NonsenseFantasy, This user also holds admin status! (Presumably Inactive)

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Help Wanted!

If you're interested in going the extra mile, notify any current Sensei/Truffles and they might make you one too! Try to stay active though, otherwise you may lose rights. The available positions:

  • 5 4 Sensei
  • 3 2 Truffle

Fruit Ninja Wiki would like to thank any contributors to the wiki!


  • Incorporate Fruit Ninja v2 game features into wiki
  • Continue to monitor and update the List of Games as new version are released
  • Higher resolution media is always appreciated.

Thoughts/additional goals?
See Fruit Ninja Wiki: Goals.

- Fruit Ninja Wiki Administrative Team

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