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Garden with 4 plants growing

The Garden is a feature in Fruit Ninja 2. Here, the player can grow various plants with seedlings that they've received. Sensei and Truffles can be found in the garden, although they cannot be interacted with. Butterflies will fly across the screen from time to time.

The soundtrack that plays here is garden.

Growing Plants

Several types of plants can be grown and harvested in the garden. These include:

  • Experience plants: Harvest these to gain experience.
  • Shard plants: Harvest these to gain blade shards for any blade of your choice.
  • Ticket plants: Harvest these to gain golden apple tickets.
  • Gem plants: Harvest these to gain gems.
  • Loot box plants: Harvest these for a loot box. You will gain more rewards if you wait for the box to "ripen" completely.

All plants except for loot box plants can have their rewards doubled if the player watches an ad. Each plant has several stages of growth before it reaches maturity. All plants will always take 1 hour to grow for every stage.



After a plant has grown a stage, it must be watered to begin the next one. Unwatered plants will not die, but they will not grow either.


Fruitilizer can be used to skip the time on any plant that has already been watered. The amount used depends on the time that is left on the plant, with 3 being the highest. It can be obtained from the store for gems, or for free as a daily reward.

Ripen Box.png


If the player doesn't want a certain plant anymore they can remove it with the shovel. This essentially functions as a "delete" feature.

You can watch ads in order to receive more rewards from plants. Ads can also be watched to reduce the time for a box to ripen.


  • Fruitilizer is a play on the words Fruit and Fertilizer.