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Golden Apples were a form of currency that could be earned and spent in Fruit Ninja. While they were not used for purchasing blades and dojos like starfruit was, they could be used to play rounds in Event and Challenge mode.


Golden Apples could be obtained from playing Minigames. While the amount rewarded may seem random, it is actually based on the score you earned in that round. The maximum amount of apples that could be earned per round was 10.

They could also be purchased with money.


Mainly, Golden Apples were spent on rounds in Event and Challenge mode. Each had different amounts required to play. Rounds in Challenge mode cost 10 apples per attempt. Event mode had several NPCs the player could battle whose costs would increase by 5 apples each. Golden Apples could also be spent in the event shop.

They could also be used to challenge characters in the Tournament. Just as with challenges most rounds cost 10 apples. After the player has successfully defeated a character, they could be challenged again with no cost.

Tournament with Golden Apples.


  • As of the 10th Anniversary Update, golden apples were replaced with gems.