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Gutsu is a character from the Fruit Ninja franchise. He is a traveling merchant. He plays the role of shopkeeper in Fruit Ninja. He is commonly seen with Truffles, his traveling companion.


"Gutsu is a traveling Merchant who knows the land of Fruitasia inside and out. While he might seem bumbling, you don't survive traveling around the continent alone without knowing a thing or two about deadly defense."
  — Fruit Ninja 2 


Gutsu has dark brown hair on his head and face. It is unknown what his eye color is, as he never opens his eyes. He usually wears dull red and yellow clothes with dark brown pants. He also has wrappings on his arms and legs; though they are white instead of dark grey. He also wears sandals like the others.

In Fruit Ninja 2 he is taller, with a more muscular build than his appearance in Fruit Ninja.


While Gutsu only stars in one Origin short, his personality can be seen regardless. He is a jolly and energetic person. Though it doesn't look like it in his short, he is capable of fighting to some extent. Rarely is he seen upset or angry.

Appears in

Fruit Ninja:

Gutsu is the shopkeeper in Fruit Ninja.

Fruit Ninja 2:

Playable character in Fruit Ninja 2. Gutsu was obtainable in the season pass during season 1.

Origins Shorts:

Gutsu appears in Enter Gutsu and Truffles along with Sensei and Truffles. He is the main character in this short.