This is removed!! But we can use this in Classic, Zen And Arcade Mode!
Gutsu's Cart Screen

Bomb Deflects in Gutsu's Cart

Gutsu's Cart is located in the Dojo section of the market on the IOS and Andoid versions. He sells the player various power-ups to help improve game performance.


  • Bomb Deflects: "Deflect Bombs off-screen with this skillful ninja move." Use this powerup to deflect the bomb instead of accidentally slicing it. Up to three Bomb Deflects can be used per game. 
  • Berry Blasts: "Strawberries will explode when you slice them, and are worth 5 points! And Destroy And Push All Fruits And Bombs Within Radius". When a strawberry is sliced, besides providing 5 points, destroy all fruits nearby (making they enter a combo even though the player haven't sliced them) and push away bombs near this fruit. 
  • Peachy Times: "Peaches will give you extra time in Arcade and Zen Mode." Sliced peaches will give 2 more seconds in Arcade and Zen modes.


Power-ups can be purchased for Starfruit Currency. The prices for power-ups are as follows:

Bomb Deflects:
  • 3 Bomb Deflects = 350 Starfruit Currency
  • 6 Bomb Deflects = 600 Starfruit Currency
  • 9 Bomb Deflects = 800 Starfruit Currency
Berry Blasts and Peachy Times:
  • 3 Games = 350 Starfruit Currency
  • 5 Games = 500 Starfruit Currency
  • 10 Games = 900 Starfruit Currency

Each power-up is used per round played relevant to the game mode. For example, Bomb Deflects will not be applicable in Zen Mode, and Peachy Times do not count in Classic Mode and thus does not get used up. However, Berry Blasts is currently the only power-up that can be played in any mode. None of the power-ups are used in Online Versus mode. Peachy Times cannot be purchased in the free version since it is not needed. Bomb Deflects are only used up when the player hits a bomb.

Purchasing starfruit

Additional Starfruit Currency may be purchased here as well. There are five packs offered:
  • 3000 Starfruit Currency - $0.99
  • 12000 Starfruit Currency - $2.99 
  • 25000 Starfruit Currency - $4.99 
  • 60000 Starfruit Currency - $9.99 
  • 150000 Starfruit Currency - $19.99 
  • Pro - 500000 (ProMode) Starfruit Currency - $64.99
  • Pro - 1000000 (ProMode) Starfruit Currency - $119.99
  • Pro - 2000000 (ProMode) Starfruit Currency - $209.99


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