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Gwen is an unlockable character in Fruit Ninja 2. She could be unlocked through the season pass during season 1.


"A child of a noble family from the Granate isles, Gwen was kidnapped by marauding pirates at a very young age. Her origins forgotten, she grew accustomed to a harsh life at sea and now sails the vast Fruitasian waters as captain of the notorious Ghost Guava."
  — Fruit Ninja 2 


Gwen has ginger hair and dull lime eyes. She wears a pirates hat with pink feathers. Instead of a traditional ninja uniform, she has a green coat with lime accents. She wears a white shirt, dark red pants, and brown boots. Gwen also wears a belt with a fruit on it and hoop earrings.

She currently does not have any skins.


While not much is known of Gwen's personality, it can be inferred from her idle pose and animations that she is a leader type character. Fitting, as she is the captain of a pirate ship.