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Han is a character in the Fruit Ninja franchise. He appears in Fruit Ninja, with some appearances in other games. His signature weapon is a disc-like blade that can be thrown to slice fruit.


"The self-styled 'Sensei of Cool', Han is calm in any situation. But constant one-upping with Katsuro is a headache for Sensei."
  — Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 


Han has yellow hair and eyes. Since he is styled after a golden apple, his clothing has golden apple patterns on it. He mostly wears dark grey clothes with yellow accents. Like the other ninjas he sports wrappings on his arms and legs. He also wears sandals like most of them.

During the Halloween event he wore a torn red coat with a straw hat, similar to a scarecrow. During Christmas, he wore a warmer version of his regular outfit. Han did not have any costumes for any other events.


Han is usually a calm and collected character. However, he can get competitive at times. His Kinect 2 description states that he and Katsuro are constantly trying to one-up each other. This can even be seen in the Origins shorts during Fruit Fight. Han is capable of making quick and calculated decisions as seen in that same short. He is highly skilled as a fruit ninja and a rather tough opponent.


When unlocked as an opponent:

"Let's get this over with."
  — Dialogue 

When Rinjin is defeated:

"Good job."
  — Dialogue 

Event mode:

"You're pretty tough but can you beat your high score?"
  — Dialogue 

Appears in

Fruit Ninja:

Initially an opponent in the tournament. After its removal, he can be challenged in event mode and challenge mode. Han is also available as a player icon.

Fruit Ninja 2:

Available as a player icon.

Origins Shorts:

Appears in two shorts: Ninjas in Training and Fruit Fight. Minor appearance in the former and a major appearance in the latter.