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Hoshi an unlockable character in Fruit Ninja 2. He is unlockable from boxes. His rarity is Legendary.


"Separated from the rest of his troop at an early age, Hoshi fell in with a group of traveling Fruit Ninjas who he keenly observed during daily training rituals. As a result, he surprises many by demonstrating fighting skill most human ninjas would envy!"
  — Fruit Ninja 2 


Hoshi is an amber-eyed monkey with white fur and pink skin. He wears yellow clothing with black pants and cloth tied around his waist. He has coconut halve on his shoulders and a red scarf around his neck. On his head he wears a red and black headband. Hoshi has black wrappings on his arms. However, he does not wear shoes.


From Hoshi's Idle pose and animations it can be seen that he is a goofy and playful character.