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Katsuro is a character from the Fruit Ninja franchise. He is often seen as the icon of the franchise as he has a lot of appearances in the games. Not just Fruit Ninja either, Katsuro's made appearances in other games as well. In Fruit Ninja 2, he is a Rare character and can be obtained from boxes.


"An orphan from Fruitasia's northern tropical region, Katsuro lived as a street urchin and pickpocket until Sensei adopted him as a Fruit Ninja student. He is skilled with a blade and quick on his feet."
  — Fruit Ninja 2 

"Convinced he's awesome at everything, Katsuro's irrepressible overconfidence always gets him into trouble."
  — Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 


Katsuro has long, green hair shaped up to resemble a pineapple, the fruit his design is styled around. He has amber colored eyes and thick eyebrows. He wears a yellow top with a crosshatch pattern and an orange scarf. Katsuro also wears dark brown pants and regular brown sandals. He has orange cloth strips tied around his hair and his waist. Like many of the other ninjas, he has bands of cloth wrapped around his legs and forearms, as well as smaller wraps on his upper arms.

His appearance differs slightly in Fruit Ninja 2. Instead of a normal top he wears a sleeveless hoodie with the orange hood replacing his scarf. His pants and sandals are colored with a lighter brown. Unlike his other model, Katsuro has white wrappings on his arms and legs instead. He also does not have the wrappings on his upper arms anymore.

In the origins shorts, Katsuro has a normal style blade with a pineapple slice shaped hilt, and yellow diamonds on the handle.


He is shown to be bold and mischievous in the origins shorts; especially in Katsuro's Training Day. It can be assumed that he is also quite clever, having been a pickpocket before becoming a fruit ninja. This can also be seen in the shorts with the way he uses parts of the obstacle course to his advantage. Katsuro also has a generally friendly and outgoing personality. In older versions of fruit ninja, he was the character that would interact with the player in the beginning aside from Sensei.


When unlocked as an opponent:

"Wow you've come a long way! But can you defeat me?"
  — Dialogue 

After defeating Rinjin:

"Wow, you're awesome!"
  — Dialogue 

Event mode (Halloween):

"Wow, you really are a Fruit Ninja!"
  — Dialogue 

Event mode:

"That was impressive, but you don't scare me!"
  — Dialogue 


  • Back in older versions of Fruit Ninja, Katsuro would give you a multiplier bonus on any exp you've earned for 5 games per day.