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Koya is a character introduced in Fruit Ninja 2. He is one of two default characters the player starts with.


"Koya is one of thousands of travelers exploring Fruitasia in the hopes of finding success as a Fruit Ninja."
  — Fruit Ninja 2 


Koya has the typical appearance of a ninja with a black jacket and pants, sandals, and a hood. He wears a headband with the fruit ninja logo on it. Koya also has grey eyes. Like most of the ninjas, he has dark wrappings on his arms and legs. He wars a red scarf and cloth tied around his waist.

Koya has several unlockable skins: Cherry, Halloween, Blueberry, Banana, Smile Hood, and Wanderer. The Cherry skin inverts his colors with his clothing being mainly red instead. Blueberry gives him a light blue and purple outfit. Banana gives him orange and yellow colors. Smile Hood gives Koya a toothy smile print on his hood. The Halloween skin gives him a orange and green colours. The Wanderer skin changes his appearance the most. He now has a straw hat and coat with black and tan colors.


Not much is known about Koya's personality. However, it can be inferred from his idle pose and animations that he is a more serious character.