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Local Multiplayer is a game mode that can be found in Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja Classic. It is not played across two devices but rather split screen style on the same device.


Classic Attack:

Fruit Ninja Classic

This mode plays the same way that regular Classic mode does. The premise is the same: slice all the fruit, don't slice bombs. As fruit is sliced, a meter on the screen fills. Once this meter is full, the player can activate it to sent out a bomb on the enemy player's side. If the player misses enough fruit then the victory will go to the other player. This functions much the same way as Tournament matches did.

A multiplayer game

Zen Duel:

This mode plays the same way that the regular Zen mode does. In this mode, the player does not have to worry about bombs. Instead, the focus is solely on achieving a higher score than the opponent. In order to win, the player must have a score higher than their opponents. A meter at the center of the screen will display a red and blue side with a line in the center. Depending on which player gains more points the line will move towards their end of the bar.


Game Speed:

The game speed can be set to Slow, Medium, or Fast.

Game Time:

This setting will determine how long a match will be. Matches can be timed by differences of 30 seconds except for the last which is 180 seconds.