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Mari is a character from the Fruit Ninja franchise. She appears in several games alongside the other characters. Mari has two signature weapons: a strawberry launcher and a yoyo.


"Life's too short to be bored for the bright, energetic Mari who enjoys playing tricks on her friends even more than her foes."
  — Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 


Mari has red hair which she wears in a ponytail and head band. She has green eyes and freckles. Her clothing is red with black and green accents. She only has one sleeve as opposed to two. Like the other ninjas she wears dark wrappings on her arms and legs, as well as dark sandals.

During Halloween, Mari dresses up as a witch. Her clothing keeps the same colors as before.

During the Christmas event, she wore ear muffs, red gloves, and a red and green coat. Her strawberry launcher was instead a snowball launcher.

For Easter, she wore a white bunny costume.


Mari is a very goofy and mischievous character. She likes to have fun and is more than happy to pull pranks on others. In Crouching Nobu, Hidden Mari she sneaks up on Nobu while he is playing a flute. Despite her mischief, she is generally a friendly person.

Appears in

Fruit Ninja:

Initially, she is one of the opponents in the Tournament. After its removal she became available in event mode. She also appears as a profile icon.

Fruit Ninja 2:

Available as a season 8 pass premium reward.

Origins Shorts:

One of the main characters in both Fruit Fight! and Crouching Nobu, Hidden Mari. Mari also has a minor appearance in Ninjas in Training and is a side character in Katsuro's Training Day.


When unlocked as an opponent (Tournament):

"Ready for a real challenge?"
  — Dialogue 

When Rinjin is defeated:

"Well done Champ!"
  — Dialogue 

Event mode (Halloween):

"Hmm, I guess I wasn't scary enough..."
  — Dialogue 

Event mode:

"Wow, you really are a Fruit Ninja!"
  — Dialogue