THIS FEATURE HAS BEEN REMOVED BY THE END OF 5TH ANNIVERSARY! Thanks to Mari, Katsuro, Han, and Nobu so much for this event! It's been a year since this is an anniversary. But this feature is still enjoyable in Fruit Ninja Free.

"Mini Games" mode is a mode in Festival. Here, several mini games can be played (requires 150 Starfruit). Your score will determine how many Golden Apples will be earned.

List of mini games:

Cherry Bomb

In this game, you must successfully slice Cherries near Bombs in order to earn points. Only the cherry appears, and occasionally the fruit and bombs move in slow-mo. When you slice a cherry near a bomb, you start a Combo blitz. The blade you use is the Laser Blade. You have 45 seconds. Waves either contain 1 or 2 cherries, no more.


You must slice all the fruits without destroying the bombs. The bombs will defy gravity and follow wherever you place your finger. You have 45 seconds to slice fruit. Bombs make you lose 20 points. Criticals are much more common in this mode. After each wave, a new bomb comes in. 

Time Attack

You only have twenty seconds. Lemons will have a special power wherein you gain an extra second for every lemon sliced. Occasionally, 8 lemons will fly up at once. This minigame has Powerup Bananas. The blade you use is the Mr. Sparkle. 


Juggle Golden Dragonfruit and use Berry Blasts to destroy them. You can get 2 fruit combos, and at the end all dragonfruit give you their value, with 45 seconds of time. More berry blasts appear if you don't drop fruit. Waves are much longer than normal. No criticals appear.


In 45 seconds, you slice as many fruit as possible. Fortune Jars appear which spawn 3 other fruits, or 2 other fruits and a Fortune Jar. Bombs appear more frequently. The blade you use is a mixture between the Shadow and the Butterfly Knife, as the fruit and jars hang in the air for a second. You have 45 seconds. Waves each have 3 bombs.

Quick Draw

Much more bombs than normal appear. Criticals are also much more common. You have 45 seconds to slice as many fruit as you can. A large wave of fruit occasionally appears. No waves, instead the whole time the fruit constantly goes up.

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