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Niya is a character from Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force. She is a member of the main group. She wields a pair of curved blades that can join together at the hilts. Later in the show, she gains a butterfly knife.


Niya has reddish-brown hair and brown eyes. In her normal appearance she wears her hair down with a clip on the right. She wears a yellow shirt and red pants. She usually has a lime sweater tied around her waist. She also wears sneakers.

In ninja mode, she wears clothing based on a pineapple. She wears her hair tied up and with a spiky green headpiece. She wears a pineapple-print yellow mask over her face. Her suit has more of a skirt-like end. Niya's clothing is mostly yellow with green accents. She also wears brown pants and yellow boots. Her blades are also yellow and green.


Niya is one of the smarter members of the group. She tends to analyze situations first, then act. Niya also usually makes critical remarks towards enemies and gets impatient quickly. She likes eating healthy food and will try to get the others to do the same. She is not particularly friendly, but she isn't very rude either.

Powers & Abilities

Fruit Powers:

  • Niya can use abilities by slicing fruit.


  • She is skilled with her blades when slicing fruit.

Appears In

Like the other group members, Niya appears in all 13 episodes of the show.