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Nobu is a character in the Fruit Ninja franchise. He appears mostly in Fruit Ninja with slight appearances in other games. His signature weapon is a blade with a sheath that can be played like a flute.


"Gentle Nobu would rather talk his way out of trouble than fight. But he's always quick to apologize to anyone he knocks down."
  — Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 


Nobu has grey eyes. Unlike the other fruit ninjas, he has a shaved head. Nobu usually wears green clothing with orange accents. He has orange and dark grey cloth tied around his waist. Like the other ninjas he also sports wrappings on his arms and legs. He also wears sandals.

During Halloween he wore a black coat with a white mask and bow tie. He also had a cane along with his costume. During Christmas Nobu wore clothing similar to his regular outfit but with added fluff. During the rest of the holiday events he did not wear anything different.


Nobu has a calm and laid-back personality. He is not as competitive as the other ninjas, referenced by him being an easier opponent when challenged. He enjoys meditation as seen in his short Crouching Nobu, Hidden Mari. While he is a more laid-back character, he is just as skilled as the other ninjas. Despite being less energetic, Nobu enjoys a good laugh with his friends.


When unlocked as an opponent (Tournament):

"I've been practicing my combos. Have you?"
  — Dialogue 

When Rinjin is defeated:

  — Dialogue 

Event Mode (Halloween):

"Those were some spooky skills!"
  — Dialogue 

Event mode:

Hey, you're getting better at this!"
  — Dialogue 

Appears in

Fruit Ninja:

Initially, Nobu is introduced as an opponent in the Tournament. After its removal he can instead be challenged in event mode and challenge mode. He also appears as a player icon.

Fruit Ninja 2:

Available as a player icon.

Origins Shorts:

Nobu appears in most of the origins shorts. He is one of the main characters in Crouching Nobu, Hidden Mari. In other shorts, he is a side character.