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Peng is a character from Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force. He is a member of the main group. His main weapon is a staff with blades on the ends. Later in the show he gets an ice blade.


Peng has tall black hair and brown eyes. In his normal appearance he wears a blue shirt and shorts, He also wears sneakers.

In ninja mode, his hair changes to blue. His colors are more blueberry themed with hints of green and cyan. Instead of sneakers he wears boots. He also has goggles, though he is never seen wearing them. Peng's staff also shares in the same colors.


Peng is very active and energetic. Like Ralph, he also tends to make dumb decisions and charge into battle headfirst. Peng is also a bit of a prankster, with occasional moments where he messes with enemies like chumplings. He has a generally easygoing personality, though sometimes impatient.

Powers & Abilities

Fruit Powers:

  • Peng can use abilities gained by slicing fruit.


  • He is skilled with using blades to slice fruit and hit objects.

Appears In

Like the other group members, he appears in all frenzy force episodes.