The Pomegranate is a Fruit that appears when landing on a score in Classic Mode and at the end of Arcade Mode. When hit, the player can hit it as many times as they can in the time given, before the Pomegranate will explode in a fruity mess, destroying everything on the screen and giving points for the number of slashes you did (e.g. 35 slashes; 35 points) and how much fruit you destroyed with it.

Pomegranates only appear in Fruit Ninja, Fruit Ninja Kinect, and Fruit Ninja FX2.

Now thats a heck of a lot of hits

Something like this should happen when a pomegranate explodes.

Rock Pomegranate

Pomegranate with rock blade, multiplied score.


Classic Zen Mode Arcade Mode Online Versus Dojo Sensei's Swag Gutsu's Cart


  • A Pomegranate can be better than a Dragon Fruit if you slice more than 50 times in one Pomegranate.
  • There appears to be a limit as to how many times one can slice the pomegranate. In the iOS version the limit appears to be 55, however one can slice it up to 82 times with the Ancient Yo-yo Blade. In Fruit Ninja Kinect this limit appears to not yet have been found, with the current record standing at 131.
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