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Pugsquash is a character from Fruit Ninja 2. He was added to the game during season 4. He is a Legendary character.


Young and fearless leader of the Sodpod Pips responsible for a slew of robberies. No pockets are left unpicked when they're in town. Pugsquash continues to elude the law with a rice sack but who knows what's really under there.
  — Fruit Ninja 2 


Pugsquash wears a red rice bag on his head as well as a red vest. He wears dark turquoise pants and shoes, with a dusty green cape.


From his description, He is a brave and horrible guy, but since he was become a Fruit Ninja, he changed his evil to the right.

How to unlock

Available as a premium reward from the season 4 pass.


Pugsquash in the season 4 loading screen