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Ralph is a character from Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force. He is a member of the main group, serving as more of a warrior type fighter. His main weapon is an axe and shield, though he gains a rock blade in the last episode.


Ralph is the tallest member of the frenzy force. He has blond hair and eyebrows, as well as blue eyes. In his normal clothes he dresses like a jock. He wears a sports jacket over a white shirt, with brown pants and sneakers. He wears a yellow belt.

When in ninja mode his appearance is based on a watermelon and banana. He wears a watermelon helmet with banana horns. His suit is made of lime, green, and yellow colors. His shield and axe are also colored the same way.


Ralph is more of an act first, think later character. He prefers to charge into battle headfirst. Though he can be dumb sometimes, he does have a few moments where he stops to think. Ralph will also protect his friends if he needs to, such as when he shielded Peng from a bomb in Fruitful Multiplication. He is generally friendly, though he will act more aggressively with enemies if they do something to upset him.

Powers & Abilities

Fruit Powers:

  • Ralph can use abilities by slicing fruit.


  • Ralph is skilled at using his axe to slice fruit and his shield to protect from attacks.

Appears In

Like the other frenzy force members, he appears in all 13 episodes of the show.