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Rinjin is a character in the Fruit Ninja franchise. He appears frequently in Frenzy Force as the antagonist Durian Grey. He is almost always seen holding a lit bomb. Initially introduced as an opponent in the Tournament, he is highly skilled as a fruit ninja.


"Rinjin was a promising young Fruit Ninja student until his forbidden form of fruit slicing saw him expelled from Sensei's dojo. He has sworn vengeance against the Fruit Ninjas and spends his days honing deadly skills.
  — Fruit Ninja 2 


Rinjin has black hair with red tips. He also has yellow eyes and pierced ears. He wears a scarf that always covers his mouth. Rinjin also wears dark clothing with red borders and desaturated purple pants. The wrappings on his arms and legs are a darker purple similar to his clothing. A small brown pouch hangs around his waist. He also has black painted nails.

During the holiday events he changes outfits much like the rest of the characters. During the Halloween event he dons a torn cape and a carved jack-o-lantern on his head. During Christmas, he wore boots instead of sandals. He also wore a red coat and Santa hat. On the Valentine's day event he changed to a tuxedo with a top hat and a red-lined cape.

His appearances in Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force and Fruit Ninja 2 are similar to his normal look with minor differences.


Not much is seen of Rinjin in the origins shorts besides his brief appearance at the end of Fruit Fight. In Fruit Ninja, he was first introduced during the 5th Anniversary update. His interactions with the player are rude, as he sees himself as of higher skill than them. In event mode, he is a little friendlier in his interactions. Like the other characters he will encourage the player when they receive good powerups. Rinjin will also laugh in an evil fashion when they receive bad powerups.


First Interaction (Tournament):

"That old fool thinks you're a Fruit Ninja? Challenge me and I'll prove him wrong."
  — Dialogue 

If the player loses:

"This Tournament is going to be easy."
  — Dialogue 

If the player wins:

"I let you win. Next time I won't be so kind."
  — Dialogue 

When unlocked as an opponent:

"Try to make this a challenge for me."
  — Dialogue 

Event Mode (After game):

"I'll get you next time!"
  — Dialogue 

Appears in

Fruit Ninja:

Rinjin is initially introduced as an opponent in the Tournament. After its removal, he could be challenged in event mode for tokens.

Fruit Ninja 2:

In Fruit Ninja 2, Rinjin is an unlockable character in the season pass.

Origins Shorts:

Brief appearance at the end of Fruit Fight.

Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force:

In Frenzy Force, Rinjin is instead known as Durian Grey. He plays the roll of antagonist alongside Mark Samurai.