Score 2x Banana

The Score 2x Banana is a Banana that after being sliced, makes every point gained double in value for after a few seconds. Points made when this banana is active appear in the double counter, being listed separately from your other points. When the banana time is up, the accumulated points double and join the rest of your score. During this time, if a bomb is hit, the player loses the powerup and consequently is not given any of the points gained.

This banana and other fruits sliced after in the same combo will give 2 points each to the double counter. Even in the same combo, fruits sliced before the banana will give just 1 point each; Critical points obtained in this occasion only enters the counter if they are performed during or after the banana being sliced. So,
Double counter

The double counter.

the player has to ensure that they cut the banana before other fruits in a combo in order to obtain more startup points in the counter.

The bonus point achievement "Nothin' but Double" requires the player to slice only 2x bananas out of the three types and rewards 30 points at the end of the Arcade Mode or Fruit Ninja Frenzy match.

Fruit Ninja

Score 2x Bananas, like all the others, are only found in Arcade Mode. So far, there is no exact goal for Points Bananas on Fruit Ninja.

Fruit Ninja Frenzy

In Fruit Ninja Frenzy, there is a Smoothie and an achievement row dedicated to Points Bananas. Getting gold medals in all of the achievements gives you the Disco Blade. The Points Bonanza Smoothie adds 25 bonus points to every Points Banana.

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