The Stash is similar to Sensei's Swag in Fruit Ninja. Here is a list of the available items within the Stash. This is the Updated Stash Option.


  • Original Blade: the original, classic silver blade.
  • Cat Claw: I Come with blades built in
  • The Guitar Blade: A large hollow blade, made of wood.
  • Beanstalk Blade: Grown from magical fruit.
  • Firework Blade: Light up the sky with this spectacular blade.
  • Iron Shackle: Unlocked and ready to rock.
  • Royal Flush: Put your cards on the table.
  • Golden Blade: Oooh, shiny.
  • Crown Jewel: Humpty's favorite.
  • Nimbus Cloud: What can you see?
  • The Contraption: Slicing fruit is just one of it's many features.
  • Señorita Blade: One for the ladies.
  • The Auora blade: It's beautiful...
  • Nachos Blade: The ideal recipe for slicing fruit.


  • San Ricardo: A quaint country town.
  • The Cat Cantina: Where a cat goes to quench their thirst.
  • Giant’s Castle: I can see my scratching post from here!
  • Treasure Room: Who needs Golden Eggs when you have a room full of treasure
  • Humpty’s Hideout: A Place for humpty.


Desperado Bandito Stash
Desperado Bandito Stash
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