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All the opponents in the Tournament

The tournament was a game mode introduced in the 5th Anniversary Update to Fruit Ninja Classic and Fruit Ninja (Free). In it, the player could battle six opponents (in order of difficulty): Truffles, Nobu, Mari, Han, Katsuro, and Rinjin. Beating Rinjin rewarded you with the Golden Ember Blade. Each round in the tournament cost 10 Golden Apples. After beating an opponent, you could challenge them again for free.


The player can slice blue fruit for points, and the opponent can slice red for points. White fruit is available to be sliced by whoever gets it first. Against some characters, this was crucial. You must also be careful not to drop your own fruit, as 3 dropped will automatically lose the round. The same goes for the opponent. Just like in Arcade, there are bombs that must be avoided in order to not lose points. You must also not slice the opponents fruit, as it will take points from your score.

"Slice blue and white fruit. Don't drop blue fruit, don't slice red fruit. Slice white fruit before your opponent."
  — Game Description 

Point Values

Fruit Points
Blue 1
White 10
Red -5

Game End

The game is over when:

  1. 60 seconds are up
  2. One player loses 3 lives.

There are two ways you can win:

  1. You get a higher score than the opponent (draw also make you lose)
  2. The opponent loses 3 lives.