This feature has been removed by the end of the 5th anniversary event! This is still enjoyable to Fruit Ninja Free, but watch videos if you want to battle!

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Fight six opponents (in order of difficulty): Truffles, Nobu, Mari, Han, Katsuro, and Rinjin. Beating Rinjin also gives you the Golden Ember Blade. Each tournament costs 10 Golden Apples. Completed challenges are free to play again.


Slice blue and white fruit. Don't drop blue fruit, don't slice red fruit. Slice white fruit before your opponent.

Point Values

Fruit Points
Blue 1
White 10
Red -5

Game End

The game is over when:

  1. 60 seconds are up, or
  2. one player loses 3 lives.

There are two ways you can win:

  1. You get a higher score than the opponent (draw also make you lose)
  2. The opponent loses 3 lives.
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