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Truffles is one of the main characters in both the Fruit Ninja Origins shorts as well as the Fruit Ninja games. He is most often seen as the traveling companion of Gutsu.


Truffles is a small pig with a pale pink body, brown hooves, and a peach nose. He usually wears a white bandana around his head, though he has worn different costumes before.


Truffles has a friendly personality and a curious nature. He can be rather oblivious at times when focusing on something else. This can get him into trouble, such as when he got into the fruit ninja dojo trying to get a strawberry while the ninjas were training.

Appears In

Fruit Ninja Origins | Enter Gutsu and Truffles - Side character.

Fruit Ninja Origins | Ninjas in Training! - Main character.

Fruit Ninja - Opponent in Event mode and 5th-anniversary tournament.

Fruit Ninja 2 - Found in the garden and several taunts. Althought he is an unplayable character, perhaps he will be playable in the future just like Sensei.


  • His favorite fruit is strawberry.
  • He is the first animal character to be introduced in Fruit Ninja.