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I am one of the admins on the Fruit Ninja Wiki! The games I specialise in are Fruit Ninja for Mobile Devices and Fruit Ninja Puss in Boots. While I also play Fruit Ninja Frenzy, It is not one of my favourite games. I do not own Fruit Ninja Kinect. I'd like to thank you for any contributions that you have made to the site. Keep doing all you can to help! Admin positions still open! Will go soon!

Fruit Ninja Stats

  • Classic Mode: 385
  • Zen Mode: 295
  • Arcade Mode: 491
  • Unlocked All Blades and Backgrounds

Puss In Boots Stats

  • Desperado: 361
  • Bandito: Finished with all Hearts
  • Unlocked All Blades and Backgrounds

Fruit Ninja Frenzy

  • High Score: 437
  • Unlocked No Blades and Backgrounds

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