One of my favorite blades.


Fruit Ninja Lover is back!

A small, but yet powerful blade!

my name is secret but i'm from Iran,so sorry about the grammer problems.

I'm here to help and answer any questions or correct any wrong pages, and add some new or missing content on any incomplete pages.

Here are my records (Fruit Ninja 2.3.4 (Paid version)) :

Fruit ninja Arcade mode: 2535 (With Golden Ember Blade)

Fruit ninja Classic mode: 2520 (With Golden Ember Blade) Fruit ninja Zen mode: 1175 (with the same blade)

Current Level : 100 (Ultimate)

All blades and backgrounds (containing event blades and dojos) are unlocked.


Please message me so I can help you with anything.

Have nice slicing times and take care!

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